Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I'm not a fan of special effects. I was the guy you heard in the theater during Forrest Gump, grumbling to my wife about the use of a blue screen to make it look like Lt. Dan had no legs.

"Act!" I would semi-yell at the screen. "Use an innovative camera angle, or something. Quit taking the easy way out!"

And, truth be told, I don't take animated flicks that seriously either. I can be entertained by them, and I can even really enjoy them. But I think of them as kid's movies first. I can't think of one animated movie that's on my Top 10 list of favorite films.

What are the chances of a computer animated film-- using new, innovative effect techniques-- ending up being a real favorite of mine, and possibly the best movie of the year?

Before seeing
WALL -E, I'd have said: " Peshaw!"

After seeing WALL -E? I very well may be adding a new film to that Top 10 list.

The animated dystopian movie about the garbage robot with heart is just that damn good. And the message behind the flick--that we humans have to be better stewards of our home--isn't preachy, but subtly powerful.

WALL -E will melt your heart.


Susan said...

I, too, let out a sorrowful sigh when my kids want to see an animated movie. I rarely like them. I would rather wait for it to come out on DVD so they can watch it while I watch a grown-up show on another tv at home. But WALL-E was great. I think Ron & I enjoyed more than my 7-yr. old.

The Film Geek said...

I hear ya, Susan. I saw the trailor for WALL -E a few times while watching other flicks these last few months, and really didn't give it much thought. In fact, I thought the plot sounded too strange for kids, and too boring for adults. I was way, way wrong.