Thursday, July 31, 2008

The X-Files: I Want To Believe

My take on The X-Files: I Want To Believe was gonna be: [cue cymbals from the series theme]


But the dead goose effect didn't seem to really work in print.

Then I talked to my friend, Hoyt about the flick. Coming off his back-to-back viewing of The Dark Knight and X-Files, I wanted to know his thoughts. And as usual, Hoyt was able to put it all into perspective. Here's his guest review:

I love Ritz crackers.

And watching the X-Files sequel was like eating a plate full of Ritz crackers after not having anything to eat all day. It's very satisfying, and every bit as good as I would have expected.

No, it's not a full course steak dinner with a baked potato and peanut butter chocolate ice cream for dessert like Batman is. But I enjoyed the X-Files because I finally got to see my favorites like Mulder and Scully (and maybe another someone, too) for the first time in years.

That, my friends, is why he's The Man.


Hoyt said...

Hey, hey, wait a are The Man! I'm just a guy with some shtick who digs Ritz crackers.

Thanks. 8)

Read Me said...

"The Man" can compare a decent movie vs. a great movie to Ritz crackers vs. steak dinner and pull it off.
I like Ritz crackers too.