Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Jacknut Chronicles' Sunday Edition: Butch Paugh Wins Jacknut Again!

After complaining on a local radio talk show about West Virginia becoming a "police state" and detailing his belief that our government has become too intrusive into lives of citizens, Constitution Party gubernatorial wanna-be and pastor Butch Paugh was asked by host Tom Roten how he'd handle the issue of gay marriage, should Paugh ever become governor (at the 8:00 minute mark on the 8/28/08 podcast).

Paugh's response: As governor, he'd like to be able to identify and imprison homosexuals for, as he says, their crimes against nature and mankind.

Even Uber-Con Tom Roten was dumbfounded by the jacknuttiness.

Roten seemed to almost gulp before he asked the next question.

Paugh's comments demonstrate one thing: what constitutes a "police state" and whether or not a government is too intrusive depends upon how one perceives the world. And from my perspective, Paugh's world-view is frightening.

Jacknuttinly so.


DB said...

And it's even scarier when you realize that he's not the only one who views the world this way.

Somewhat on-topic question: Has anyone asked Governor Manchin about his view on gay marriage yet?

The Film Geek said...

True dat, db. (Do people say "true dat" anymore?) :)

Naw, I don't recall anyone asking MoJo for his views on the topic. As you know, WV journalism is too busy reporting cute and fuzzy community news to do actual investigative work.

Donutbuzz said...

I can't pull off the "true dat." But if MoJo ever said it, that would be pretty cool, and he'd score points with me.

Of course, I still wouldn't for him. I'm just sayin'.

JDB said...

The scary part is that he, apparently, is the best the Libertarians can do. You know, the party that's supposed to really really be about small government? One would think "round up and imprison" would not be amongst any Libertarian talking points!

Chris James said...

I've emailed this page to a Jewish friend, a Catholic friend, and a European socialist friend, so I'm pretty sure that the image has been uploaded to one of the three supercomputers in Moscow, the Vatican, and Jerusalem. So I guess it means that he can go ahead and get his license pic scanned, too.

The Film Geek said...

JDB: True dat!

Chris: Thanks for getting the word out! The Beast is a-waitin'!