Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Living It Everyday

Since I gave up my car a couple of weeks ago, I've been carpooling with Mrs. Film Geek. It looks like that may end, though. According to her -- and I'm not sure exactly why-- she "can't take it anymore!"

She offered this snippet to me as an example of why I may be bus-bound until I pony up some cash for another car.

For context: I have a meeting on Wednesday in another city that is very important. So important that I gave in and bought a new suit of clothes to wear to the meeting.

Which I would never do, otherwise. Ever.

After dropping off the kids at day care Tuesday morning, I hear:

Mrs: Film Geek: "I thought your meeting was on Wednesday."

Me: "It is, why?"

Mrs. Film Geek: " Uhhmmm...because you're wearing your new clothes today. And today is Tuesday."

Me: "Yeah, I'm getting used to them."

Mrs. Film Geek: "You're what??!?"

Me: "Getting used to them. If I wear the clothes for the first time Wednesday, I'll be off my game. I'll feel uncomfortable. So I'm wearing them today to get used to them. I'll wash the clothes tonight, so they will be clean on Wednesday."

Mrs. Film Geek: "But people will notice that you wore the same clothes two days in a row."

Me: "So?"

Mrs. Film Geek: "Well, it's gross. And people will think it's gross."

Me: " What people think is less important than how I feel. I gotta feel comfortable, so that's what I'm gonna do."

It was about that time she let out a mid-level scream and said something about the nearest bus stop.


All Click said...

tut, women! They just don't get it.

I didn't realise "Tuesday Morning" was a day care place as well! :-p

BionicBigfoot said...

Film geek, do you think people should/can stay married to the same person all their lives?

The Film Geek said...

"Tuesday Mouring" is a great name for a day care.

BB: I think they can. Whether or not they should is up to them.

Anonymous said...

I remember when you used to wear the same thing every Monday... same thing every Tuesday... and so on. With the same broken down ratty ass belt and socks with holes. I can't believe you bought a new suit. Who are you meeting with? God? -C