Thursday, August 07, 2008

Long May You Run

After 188,000 miles, I finally gave in and traded my 1996 Ford Taurus. My favorite car, ever. The trade wasn't for another car; instead, the swap got me about a thousand dollars worth of electrical and handy-man-type work completed at my house. The kind of stuff I couldn't put off any longer, but which I had no personal ability to do.

I miss it already.

The Taurus was the first car I ever bought new and paid for. It broke down exactly once, in 2002.

The guy who put in the new fuel pump it needed said, otherwise, the car was in great shape. It was so dependable that I grew to love that damn car.

And I always thought it loved me back.

Even during the swap, it seemed as though the car was sacrificing itself for my greater need.

I hope that wherever it runs, it runs right.


Jackie said...

It's funny how attached you can get to a vehicle. Man, I think I got something in my eyeball...they're all watery :(

The Film Geek said...

Hand me a tissue, man. I feel ya. It's been a couple of days, and I'm still freaked out by it.