Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Jacknut Chronicles' Sunday Edition: "I Am Taking A Nap, And Don't Call Me Shirley"

Scott Oltman and Dillon Sheply just needed a nap.

Trouble is, they were flying a plane at the time.

Captain Scott Oltman, 54 had his license suspended for 60 days, and First Officer Dillon Shepley, 24, was suspended for 45 days after The National Transportation Safety Board determined the two pilots fell asleep on the Feb. 13 flight from Honolulu to Hilo.

Investigators are still unclear about how both pilots fell asleep on the brief mid-morning flight, which was carrying 40 passengers. The pilots failed to respond to nearly a dozen calls from air traffic controllers over a span of 17 minutes.


All Click said...

Did either of them have the fish?

Buzzardbilly said...

LMAO at All Click!

BTW, I'm fluent in Jive.