Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My Top 5: Things That Make Me Happy While Off Work On A Weekday

Once in a while I switch up my work schedule, and put in a full day on Saturday instead of a Tuesday, or maybe a Thursday. Although I still work a full week, being off on a typical Tuesday, for example, makes me feel a little bit sneaky.

And I like that.

Here is: My Top 5: Things That Make Me Happy While Off Work On A Weekday.

1. Watching The Rifleman on cable. This western series is one of my all-time favorite TV shows, and the cable channel Encore Westerns has all-day marathons on during the week to celebrate the shows 50th anniversary. The show still stands up today, I think, with it's moody style and it's progressive story telling. (By the way: Lucas fires 12 rifle shots in the opening sequence of each show, but one shot was dubbed in later for editing purposes. So, sometimes you hear 13 shots even when he shoots only 12 times.)

Ummm...did I mention it was an all-day marathon?

2. Reading GRIT, online. Although GRIT has been "celebrating rural America since 1882," I became a fan of the paper back in the 70s, when Bernard Drennen would ride his bike to my house and sell me one of the papers for a quarter. He had a cool bag that held the papers, and as he would sling it over his shoulders I always noticed the word "GRIT" written on the side in colorful letters. I loved the paper then, and still read the online magazine now and again.

3. Re-educating myself on the personal histories of DC comic book villains via Wikipedia. I'd completely forgotten that the Bane character appeared briefly in the '97 disaster Batman And Robin.

4. Catching up on blog-reading, and still being impressed by the quality of writing, insights and humor of the bloggers I frequent.

5. Still walking around in my underwear at 1:45pm. (See # 3 for context.)


Elvis Drinkmo said...

Glad to see your keeping up with your DC supervillians, Film Geek.

And I'm going to have to delve into Westerns sometime- it one of those branches of entertainment I need to take a little time to explore. I'll have to check out Riflemen- if I ever get another Wednesday off that is.

Buzzardbilly said...

OMG I'd totally forgotten about GRIT. One of my cousins used to sell it, so we got it regularly when I was growing up.

I love small-town America.

Chris James said...

WCW almost had the actor/wrestler playing Bane, Jeep Swenson, wrestle as, um, Bane. Sadly, Swenson died before he could appear on the Nitro in character.

This may be one of the few cases where we have witnessed actual divine intervention in really bad booking. Too bad The Big Guy didn't somehow stop the whole Katie Vick angle.

Ian C. said...

#3 and #5 could somehow be combined if Underoos were to make a comeback.

Jackie said...

When you talk about your days off and vacations I wanna come down there and choke you...while your in your draws and reading your GRIT. I hope that doesn't sound too weird :|

Oh yeah, and somebody said Lucas McCain was shooting his wife in the opening sequence :D:D:D

The Film Geek said...

BB: GRIT rocks! So does small town USA.

Chris: Is that from Wikipedia, or from Inside Wrestling?

Ian: They're out of style?!?

Jackie: You missed the part where I said I was working Saturday, instead. I'm putting in my 40+, man. Guaran-teed!

Chris James said...

I remember reading it pre-Wikipedia from various news sites back in the golden age of internet wrestling fandom (1994-2002).