Monday, October 20, 2008

Step Brothers

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, both of whom had a hand in the development of Step Brothers, make me laugh just by showing up on screen. Like the best parts of Talladega Nights, the funniest scenes in Step Brothers are when Brennan (Ferrell) and Dale (Reilly) face-off against each other, each determined to one-up and out-do the other. From fart jokes to over-the-top hi-jinks, the flick made me laugh almost nonstop.

It also reminded me of growing up with my brother.

My brother Jeff and I could be dangerous if left alone and bored. Although six years younger than me, Jeff was lots of fun. During weekends and summer days, we'd pace off 20 steps and throw hard objects at each other. It didn't matter much what the object was -- rocks, Frisbees, baseballs, rocks -- we took turns chucking things at each other, each hoping his aim was true. The Thrower got two points for hitting his brother; The One-Being-Thrown-At lost a point if he flinched before being hit. Whoever reached 10 points first won.

Jeff won most times. He could toss a stone at my head and watch it draw blood without pause.

Like Dale and Brennan, Jeff and I ended up fighting later on in our adult life. It was over something trivial, and it got blown out of proportion. Unlike Dale and Brennan, we've yet to make up.

Maybe I'll teabag his drum kit.


Read Me said...

Mm, just wondering ... how often did you get hit in the head, and how often did it draw blood?

The Film Geek said...


I was hit more often than I'd like to admit, because I refused to flinch very often. I bled rarely.