Wednesday, December 17, 2008

High School Quotes I Remember: Quote #9

(I make no judgements about content. I'm simply purging some of the clutter that's been inside my head since 1983.)

" You are the most vain, arrogant and selfish person I know."

My former girlfriend, from junior high, to me during our final week of high school. She wanted to ensure I understood her opinion of me before we graduated. (She was our Valedictorian, so she probably knew what she was talking about.)


Stanton said...

"Vain, arrogant and selfish" describes just about every high school senior I've ever known.

MountainLaurel said...

Why am I not surprised that you were superlative even then? ;-)

Read Me said...

This quote probably cannot be purged. It is probably going to be imprinted upon your brain for all time. I'm wondering if it would have the effect of making one more confident, or more introspective, if it would have any effect at all. If someone were truly vain, arrogant and selfish, that person would probably just laugh haughtily and snobbishly and forget all about it in a few minutes, unless to reflect upon it amusingly from time to time.

RedZeppelin said...

Seriously, how do you remember that stuff? Did you write it down back then?

primalscreamx said...

Sounds like she didn't get around much. It's pretty understandable, what with hanging out with lepers, giving sight to the blind and washing the feet of the poor.

The Film Geek said...

Hey Stanton: Agreed!

And I like your thinking, MountainLaurel. :)

Read Me: This is the single most important thing any person has ever said to me. For reasons very similar to what you say in your comments.

RedZeppelin: Dude, I got dozens more! All cluttered in my head, one rising above the others now and again. It's a curse.

Hey, Bill: Exactly! Of course, she doesn't see much of that crowd from the Pennsylvania Avenue office building she's worked in for the past decade or so.

Anonymous said...

are you kidding me??? I knew I didn't particularly like her for a REASON! UGH.


The Film Geek said...