Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Visitor

When my friend Donutbuzz calls to suggest a film to me, I listen. Usually, I add it to the "Hoyt Sez Watch This" list, and then Netflix the title when I get a chance.

But, when Mr. Chinchilla calls to recommend a movie, I run to Blockbuster real quick-like.

It's not that the Chinch knows more about movies than Hoyt. It's more that I'm scared of the little furry guy. He's cute and all, but he eats a lot of raisin-soaked tequila, and his claws are razor sharp. Add that he's recently lost his job, and you can see I want nothing to do with pissing off the Chinchilla!

The which-movie-should-I-rent? question is easier to answer when both dudes recommend the same movie. This time, it was The Visitor.

Enjoying a flick recommended by someone is awesome when said movie is as wonderful as The Visitor. It doesn't surprise me that Hoyt loved this flick. He's pretty consistent in his selection of quality film. Mr. Chinchilla, however, isn't. I hated his last recommendation:

Basic Instinct 2.

Man, I hope he didn't just read that...


Hoyt said...

Glad you enjoyed it! I don't know about the chinchilla, but I would feel pretty bad if you hadn't liked the movie. 8)

The Film Geek said...

It was awesome! A complicated, multi-faceted flick told in a very refreshing, simple style.

But dude, if Mr. Chinchilla askes, I gotta tell him it was HIS recommendation I was following. The Chinchilla is in a bad way these days, and I don't wanna make things worse.