Sunday, April 19, 2009

Eagle Eye

It would be easy to dismiss the plot of Eagle Eye as ridiculous. After all, the movie owes part of it's heritage to Issac Asimov's short sci-fi story, All The Trouble In The World, first published in the late 1950s. The period of time between that story and this movie is the equivalent of several lifetimes, in terms of technological advancement. The modern flick lifts ideas from several movies, like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Phone Booth and I, Robot. It's difficult, then, to buy into the central theme of director D.J. Caruso's work.

It's implausible, right?

Until you see reports like this, (and this) which tell us the federal government now has the technical ability to listen in on our conversations through the mic in our cell phone. Even. When. The. Phone. Is. Turned. Off. Suddenly, Eagle Eye ain't too far-fetched any more.

(By the way: where were the tea bag parties after that little revelation?!?)

Shia LeBeouf and Michelle Monoghan are fine in this political thriller, which follows the desperate couple as they are forced to carry out a plan of cyber madness. And Billy Bob Thornton delivers his usual best as the FBI agent trying to catch up the the conspiracy. The movie is slick, fast-paced and sometimes silly.

But, we can't say any longer that the plot's not possible.

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