Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Flashback! Bad Movies That Haunt Me: Freejack

A flick staring Mick Jagger as the time traveling mercenary who kidnaps Emilio Estevez into the future so his body can serve as the host for the wealthy Anthony Hopkins sounded like such a good way to spend a Friday night.

At the time. (No pun intended.)

Freejack, a dystopian nightmare set in 2009, still haunts me.


Hoyt said...

I loved the concept. The movie, not so much.

primalscreamx said...

But it all came true... Emilio Estevez is mostly just a dead guy from the early 90s living in the 21st century. Mick Jagger still can't act and nobody knows what to do with Anthony Hopkins.

Chris James said...

I remember that the title of the movie was worked into several jokes about a certain girl in my Jr High who was known as a leading dispenser of handjobs in the area.

Spike Nesmith said...

I remember going to see it at the movies! It went something like this...

SPIKE: How much to go and see "Freejack"?

GUY AT CINEMA: Three pounds fifty, mate.

SPIKE: Great! I'll have one ticket, please.

GUY AT CINEMA: Sure. Here's your ticket.... and here's your three pound fifty.