Sunday, May 03, 2009


Live bloggin' Quarantine:

(It's a more manly way to divert my eyes from the screen, rather than putting my hands over my face during scary scenes.)

Things about zombie flicks that scare me:

1. The animal-like growl that comes from zombies just before they attack.
2. The sound of flesh being torn from the neck of the person being eaten.
3. Thick, rabies-like foam that drips from the mouths of the undead.

4. Kids that turn into zombies.

What takes those who are not yet infected so long to figure out what's going on? In real life, if I see a 60 year old woman bite into the neck of a person like it's a rib-eye, I'm screaming:...

"Zoooommmbie!!" ...and running like hell.

Twenty minutes into the movie, and Mrs. Film Geek has already passed judgment: "It's no 28 Days!" she says. I think the hand-held camera effect reminds me of Cloverfield.

Dude, uhhh.....that federal agent just drilled into that zombie's brain with a power-tool. That's worse than the foamy mouth thing.

Zombies make me scream like a girl.

Note to self: If I ever stumble across a kid standing in a dark corner, staring blankly at me with blood and foam dripping from her mouth, DO NOT try to pick her up and carry her to safety. THE KID IS A ZOMBIE!

Biological warfare and doomsday cults are good for nothin' but zombies!


Buzzardbilly said...

LMMFAO! That rocked balls (and I don't even have balls).

Did you see CSI this week? Soon as the foamy mouthed woman bit Catherine Willows, I looked at Curmy and said, "rabies." He laughed. Took them like a half-hour or so to finally get around to finding out it was rabies because it's not a normal thing to check for from a human bite. I fear rabies the way you fear zombies. I think it's because I used to work for a vet. In order to find out if an animal has rabies, the head must be removed and sent to the state lab (least it was in those days) to have the brain examined. I used to have to box the heads. Always triple-gloved with a lab coat and face shield because the rabid animal still licks itself so the virus is all over its fur.

Come to think of it: That job didn't pay enough.

All Click said...

Lol I liked that movie! Pretty intense huh? Way scarier than Cloverfield! It irritates me when it takes them forever to work out it's zombies. Don't they watch movies or something??

Speaking of Cloverfield, the sequel is on it's way!

Woody said...

The whole 21st century fast moving zombies scare me. The good old slow moving ones will never be obsolete, and i secretly hope if zombie armageddon ever happens, those are the ones roaming the earth. They'll hopefully be easier to side step.