Sunday, July 26, 2009


Move over Damien Thorn, Issac Chroner and Charlie McGee. There's a new evil child in the movies, and she may be the baddest ass of all.


Isabelle Fuhrman, who plays Esther in Orphan, shows remarkable range and ability, especially in how she carries out the array of emotion required for this character.

Orphan is mostly predictable and incredibly disturbing--the opening scene sets the tone for just how creepy and discomforting this film is--but, there is no doubt that Fuhrman's Esther is one of the most evil children in film history.

It's gonna take me a little longer to get to sleep tonight.


Steven Allen Adams said...

Ehh, I'll have to watch it.

All Click said...

I went to see this last night. Was good but not great. I don't like it when no-one will believe the main character and they dragged out that story device for about 45 minutes too long. I thought all the acting was good though!

Woodson said...

I had a little trouble getting to sleep after seeing this myself. I think it was the image of Esther's actual teeth. Bad oral hygiene is truly scary.

Neurotic Atty said...

I bet her PARENTS haven't slept in months!