Monday, August 24, 2009

The Last House On The Left

I expected torture porn.

Knowing The Last House On The Left was a 2009 remake of the Wes Craven's 1970s original, I anticipated gore, disturbing imagery and a hint of the supernatural. What I watched instead was a very interesting story--albeit with a moderate amount of gore and more than a fair share of disturbing imagery--of how regular folk might handle tragedy, crisis and heartbreak.

House tells a story of resilience and desperation. Young, athletic Mari fights evil while it stares her dead-on in the face, and her parents take up the fight when Mari can't continue. The movie is highly disturbing, but responsible in how scenes are presented. For example, a rape scene integral to the plot manages to be disturbing without being explicit.

I expected torture porn and a superficial plot. Instead, House is a compelling story with a watchable cast and satisfying ending.


Buzzardbilly said...

Now that surprises me. I was expecting the Saw-type outshock-the-old-shocks approach to this movie. The Wes Craven version disturbed me enough that it took me a few times to get to the end. I couldn't take it in one sitting, yet I needed to know how it ended.

All Click said...

Man, I hate to disagree with you on two movies in a row, but I gotta disagree on this one!! I thought it was just awful. I wanted to walk out half way through the movie and I never walk out of movies!

I'll give you the satisfying ending part though. Even if it was silly :-p

Two thumbs down!