Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nothing But The Truth

I never know what to expect anymore when a movie promo uses the phrase: "inspired by true events."

Take Open Water 2: Adrift, for example. For that film, "inspired by true events" mostly means the writer knew that once upon a time someone fell overboard into the drink and couldn't get back in the boat. Everything else is total conjecture. "Inspired by true events" in that case is highly misleading.

When Nothing But The Truth's opening credits appeared and "inspired by true events" rolled onto the screen, I expected pretty much the same: a political thriller that shared the shell of the Judith Miller / Valerie Plame saga, but carried its own weight as a fictional flick.

What I watched, though, was a too-close-to-factual story with some superficial name changes and a cutesy swerve at the end.

The actors were solid. The fatal flaw of this movie, though, is how similar it is to the real story. One can't help but compare facts as the story plays out.

And frankly, the real-life story was more entertaining.

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Buzzardbilly said...

So, they haven't quite got Dick Wolf's touch with 'ripped from the headlines' huh?