Saturday, August 08, 2009


At the start of the final scene in Obsessed, co-star Beyonce Knowles glares at Ali Larter, the female villain romantically obsessed with Knowles' husband, clinches her jaw and states: "I knew it would come to this" as she beats Larter to death in a fight.

I knew it too, Beyonce. From the opening credits.

Obsessed, about a devoted and faithful husband who liked it enough to put a ring on it but is now being stalked by a unhinged kook who thinks they have a relationship, is one of the worst films I've seen.


Despite being highly predictable, a poorly conceived score and acting that borders on ridiculous, Obsession made nearly $70 million dollars at the box office this Spring.

It's unbelievable how easily we can be tricked into handing over our cost for admission.

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Spike Nesmith said...

Yeah, I'm pretty certain that 20 of that million was from people who get their rocks off watching Beyonce getting rough with another woman, and the remaining 50 of that million was from that scene in the trailer when Ali Larter opens her coat.

You're a brave man watching the whole thing! Personally, I'll wait til RiffTrax gets a hold of it. ;)