Thursday, October 01, 2009

The He-Man Woman Haters Church Service

"Short sermons, donuts, no singing and no women."

According to the Cornerstone Christian Fellowship church in Arizona, that's the makings of a Man Church!

"A service just for men."

While I'm certain the Arizona church has the best of intentions, I'm doubtful this effort will be highly successful in luring He-Men to church. While donuts are terrific bait, the absence of women seems prohibitive. The possibility that I would meet a young woman at church was the most important reason I attended services as a youth, followed distantly--and I mean distantly!-- by (a) I lived with my parents and they forced me to go, and (b) in pre-cable 1980s West Virginia, there was nothing better on TV.

In that order.

Of course, I may have felt different if the church I attended served donuts...


Paul said...

Praise God! Pass the crullers!

primalscreamx said...

Great place for single dudes to meet other single dudes: find hobby partners, guys to go do some woodworking with and um... other things, I suppose.

Spike Nesmith said...

Unless you're extremely religious and dedicated and not looking for 'a bit of the other', I'd think that church is the LAST place a teen would be looking for a girlfriend. And even then, hormones > "values", as can be seen by the teen pregnancy rates in the hideously pious (and, apparently, fail-ridden) abstinence programs.

But man church? I smell a rat. I think it's just an excuse for a bunch of fat hairy blokes to sit around in their underwear, smoking cigars, telling bawdy jokes and watching sport and not get nagged at about the lawn for two hours.

Chris James said...

In CCF's defense, the three most unlikable human beings that I've ever met have all been preachers' wives.