Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Since seeing Michael Moore's recent documentary on capitalism, I've been hyper observant regarding news stories that demonstrate the growing gap between economic classes.

Here's one that really caught my attention:

Half of the children in the United States will rely on food stamps at some point in their lives before the age of 20, USA Today reports, based on a study in the most recent Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine.

Call Michael Moore's flick leftist drivel if you choose. People continue to suffer.


Spike Nesmith said...


I've not seen the movie, but it absolutely baffles me as to how people (a lot of them self-proclaimed christians) are quite happy to support a system wherein people suffer. And not "waaah, I really want that 60-inch plasma TV and I can't quite afford it" suffer, hunger suffering. Forgoing medical treatment suffering. I've read the Bible. I can't see "blessed are the CEOs" in there ANYWHERE. Quite the opposite, in fact.

I can't figure out how people think that wanting to help your fellow human beings at their lowest point is somehow a bad thing. I got into a very interesting discussion online (I know, I know....) where the guy I was having words with came out and said that he would let people in low income areas die. And I'm not exaggerating, he actually said that he would let them die out.

I think what it really comes down to, is what people choose to pay attention to. It's easy to find abject poverty, it's within easy driving distance of anywhere in the US. Even the little gated communities of McMansions, those penned-in neighbourhoods specifically designed to keep the harsh realities out. Whether a person acknowledges that poverty exists is up to the individual, and most people choose not to. It's just easier that way.

Paul said...

Oh, guys. Don't be silly. You know we shouldn't be concerning ourselves with helping the poor or the sick. We need to spend the country's resources bombing brown people. After all, you can't get bipartisan support for taking care of the sick, but we're all ready to get out the checkbook for blowin' stuff up.

God bless America!