Monday, December 28, 2009


Minutes turn to hours, counting seconds tick away.
Another day tomorrow, tomorrow's just another day.
Days turn into years, and time goes by, over and over,
Again and again, and then, years turn into decades.
~Joe Walsh, Decades

While flipping through TV channels earlier this week, I caught a portion of a show dedicated to the Best and the Worst of the Decade.

I'm dense...I'd not yet realized the decade was coming to a close.

For good and bad, it was a hell of a decade: two of my children were born during the last ten years; the word "terror" came to mean something in America other than a reaction to horror flicks; politics became more divisive and petty; I entered the decade young, healthy and fit, and exit on a different note; the important relationships in my life are stronger, and happier, than they've ever been; being "social" came to include a cyber community of people I may never meet, but can still call "friends"; blogging was fun and interesting, then wasn't anymore.

Here's hoping 2010, and the next decade, brings some joy and peace.

I am calling, across a field, from far away, far away.
This is my calling song; I am worried, I am concerned.
There are reasons, can't be explained.
And there are questions, that have no answers.
That's the reason I want to know: how long, how long, can this go on?
I want to know how long, how long,
When so many things happen, nothing gets done.
So many wars, no one ever won one, and no one ever will,
No one ever will.
I am calling, this is my calling song.

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