Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shave And A Haircut

Bob Townsend, of Townsend's Barber Shop in Summersville, West Virginia, first cut my hair sometime around 1969. I was too little to fit into the chair, so Bob put a board across the chair arms for me to sit on. I remember that first professional haircut; the smell of the shop, the buzzing around my ears and the fear Bob was gonna clip my ears with his scissors made it memorable.

I was a regular at Townsends Barber Shop through my early 30s, sometimes driving 100 miles every couple of months for a trim. Brad Hughart, Bob's son-in-law and the shop co-owner began cutting my hair during my teen years. Brad was younger, and seemed more in tune with styles for young guys.

My 15-year-old self really dug the way he could cut some bangs.

Driving from Huntington, West Virginia to Summersville, West Virginia was too much of a chore in my mid-30s, even for a haircut that cost $5. So during that time I found a stylist closer to home. There's a big difference between a barber and a stylist.

The difference isn't so much skill as it is ego.

Last Saturday I made the trip back to Summersville, where my son Jaden experienced his first Townsend Barber Shop cut. For some reason I was overwhelmed with nostalgia, and took a picture to memorialize the event.

Jaden was a bit annoyed, but Brad understood.


primalscreamx said...

Possibly, my favorite place to get a haircut in the state. I did a piece on them for Golden Seal a few years back. Great guys and a seriously decent haircut.

The Film Geek said...

Really great guys, and really good haircuts.

When I used to drive 100 miles to get a cut there, it was because of the barbers, how they ran their shop and the people who would hang there day to day. It was always positive, always friendly. It felt like home.

All Click said...

I see you, lurking in the back of that pic haha

Best place I ever got a haircut was actually at Portsmouth train station. Yep, a freaking train station, but they were great! A lady would cut my hair who, after developing allergic reactions to ladies hair products and colourings, switched to cutting mens' hair.

It was cheap as chips too!

Read Me said...

Those are some really awesome bangs. Did you get a haircut, too?