Thursday, July 01, 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine

This hilariously funny flick has inspired:

My Top 5: Things I'd Do If I Could Time Travel Back To My Senior Year In High School

1. Write a note informing my future self that spending a decade as a college undergraduate may be a bit much;

2. Have one more dinner of ramps and raccoon;

3. Tell my then-17 year old self, who had never taken an advanced Math class in school, that answering "Mechanical Engineering" to the question of what I wanted to study in college sounded dumb;

4. Pack all those Silver-age comics in some plastic;

5. Watch Risky Business at a genuine drive-in theater


Paige said...

I spent 8 yrs on my undergraduate degree. I'm wondering if my master's is gonna take just as long. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

It took me 17 so don't feel bad. I did take some time off school though.

Paul said...

"I've been in this school seven years now. I'm no dummy!" To quote a great '80s movie.

So the movie is good? I've been curious about it.

My 5 list:

1) Don't get a mullet.
2) Stay away from Debbie Curless.
3) Don't get into the radio business.
4) Stay away from Debbie Curless.
5) Think about how much you'll miss White Castles and LaRosa's before moving away from Cincy.

The Film Geek said...

I liked it a lot, much better than I thought I would. Rob Corddry was hilarious, and the movie felt like an 80s coming of age movie for grown-ups. It was absurd, but funny.

I love your Top 5 List. Debbie Curless and White Castle together muct have been an awesome combination.

Paul said...

"Debbie Curless and White Castle together muct have been an awesome combination."

Yep. One was a delicious treat that always ended up giving me stomach cramps and major discomfort, and the other was a hamburger that you buy by the sack. =\

Rob said...

I would have told myself:

Being a guy with long hair in the late 80's and getting it permed doesn't make you look like a rock makes you look like Horshack.

And then I would have had White Castles AND Debbie Curless.

The Film Geek said...

Great line, Rob. I think I permed my mullet once. Business in the front, dumbass in the back.