Wednesday, August 11, 2010

11 All-Time Biggest Movie Slackers

This blog receives several commercial requests to post information during the year, most from businesses that want traffic to view their ads. I almost always pass on a request to post something on The Film Geek.

But sent a link to a post titled: "11 All-Time Biggest Movie Slackers." It was an interesting list, complete with trailers from the flicks. You can see the list at this link.

The Dude made the cut!

Take a look at the post, sign up to take a psychology class at the University of Phoenix, then tell me if you agree with the list.


primalscreamx said...

Nah, they left out Brad Pitt's stoner character in "True Romance," any character from any film Jason Lee has appeared in, just about every character in the Delta Fraternity of "Animal House" and Peter Vinkman from "Ghostbusters," who is a slacker (same as Murray's character in Stripes) --just to name a few.

A very flawed list in my mind.

All Click said...

Crap, I somehow manged to accidentally sign myself up for a 7 year law school degree with Phoenix!