Sunday, August 01, 2010


Despite the tremendous buzz around Inception, I was prepared to dismiss it as another special effects-dependent, gimmicky, summer action flick. I even anticipated making fun of the title by connecting it to Cajun Man, the 1990s SNL character developed by Adam Sandler:

My original commentary would have played off Cajun Man's extreme southern drawl. Descriptions of the flick would include words like:


I me that's funny. Words tickle my brain.

Early in Inception, however, I stopped thinking of descriptions that Cajun Man could use and started paying attention to the plot. DiCaprio (who always seems able to command a movie with a minimalist performance) made me care for his character. A basic heist flick jacked up on Matrix-sized green screen, Inception is a 1,000 piece puzzle that becomes more fun to put together with each piece.

Christopher Nolan, who wrote and directed the movie, has another masterpiece added to his IMBd list.

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