Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cool Directions

I was lost. So lost, in fact, I was unsure if I was even in the right West Virginia town. So I stopped at a local business for directions:

Me: "Hi. I'm lost. Any chance you can help me find [the location]?

Her: "Sure, you are sort of near where you need to be. Turn right on the road out front, travel about two miles and turn left at the light in front of Go-Mart. Travel that side road until you see the dragon, then turn left. You'll be there."

Me: "Is The Dragon a bar? Or a business of some sort."

Her: "No, it's a dragon. A large, green dragon."

She was right.


Paige said...

I went to a Christian School is Cross Lanes and the directions included "turn at the big panda bear."

Stanton said...

What, no picture?

Paul said...

Were you traveling in the Shire?