Monday, October 18, 2010

Harry Brown

Who doesn't love the work of Michael Caine?

The veteran actor's ability to make a decent movie nearly great made me rent this flick the first day it became available. Sure, the elderly-lovable-vigilante bit has been overplayed on TV and movies, from the droll (CBS's The Equalizer) to the great (Eastwood's Gran Torino).

But Caine...Michale Caine can simply make the movie.

And he indeed makes Harry Brown. Brown's a sensitive ex-Marine who's grown tired of living in fear. His community is over-run by thugs, drugs are rampant and violence is the norm. It's particularly bad in the dark recess of a train underpass near Brown's apartment; his fear of walking through the area -- where gang members steal, rape and murder -- causes Brown to turn to violence as a way to make his life and community more peaceful.

Caine is brilliant, and turns a descent movie into a nearly great one.

As usual.

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All Click said...

I thought this movie was excellent. It really shows another side to Britain.