Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Fighter

First, I gotta get something off my chest:

Those of us who live in West Virginia are, typically, pretty thin-skinned when it comes to our image. Our culture, and the fatalistic and deterministic perspectives so much a part of that culture, cause us to look critically at the lifestyles of others in different parts of the country. When we recognize similarities, we feel better about ourselves. And we feel connected to the world outside the Appalachians.

It was so nice to meet the Ward-Eukland family. I know them; they're family.

And it was nice (again) to see that behavior and beliefs attributed primarily to hillbillies and rubes occur in what's considered more sophisticated parts of the country.

People are just people, ain't we?

That's the message of The Fighter. People are just people. We're all trying to make a living, care for our families, meet our obligations and feel good about ourselves. Sometimes along that path we get stuck: our needs stop being met, we become selfish, we live our lives for other people, and let others manipulate us. We get stuck in the the ruts of a life we didn't envision.

We need a jolt to knock us into a new path, to help us find redemption. That jolt can come from a right cross to the chin, or from watching the bad choices we make affect those we love.

Too bad we have to be so stubborn.

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