Saturday, August 17, 2019

Blinded By The Light

"Blinded By the Light is out tonight," I yelled to my daughter Griffyn, who I figured would be the most willing in my family to grant my last minute ask. 

"Let's go see it!" 

She loves the buttered popcorn, and she's into great song lyrics. So on any night of the week she'd be into seeing this particular movie. 

Tonight, though, happened to be the last Friday night she'll be at home before moving out for college. Several weeks ago I was excited and proud as I watched her pack up her room; now, as time draws close, I'm heartbroken.

I want more time with her. 

I got somethin' in my heart
I've been waitin' to give.
I got a life I wanna start
One I've been waitin' to live

Blinded's Javed Khan can't wait to get out of his home and get on with his life. His is an isolated existence filled with racial strife and economic struggles. He identifies with lyrics written by The Boss: tramps like Springsteen and Khan, baby they were born to run.

In between bites of popcorm I found myself watching Griffyn, especially during the movie's most emotional scenes. We haven't talked much about the fact she's moving out. It's an emotional challenge for me, and it's a challenge I'm not facing well.

Did she identify with the lead character, I wondered? Was she eager to get the hell out and start this new adventure? Were Springsteen's lyrics speaking to her, too?

Talk about a dream,
Try to make it real

"That was a really great movie," she said as we discarded our trash and headed toward the exit. On the way to the car we talked about the plot, praised the acting, and talked about how Springsteen has written so many lyrics that inspire.

"You know," she said as we drove out of the parking garage, "I'll be moving out in just a few days. I'm nervous, but I'm excited too. It will all be OK, but I'm going to miss seeing you every day."

Same, kid.  . . . same.

You've got to learn to live
With what you can't rise above

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