Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Broke Down Over Brokeback

I tend to steer far and clear of gender-based cliches, especially phrases and terms that might be offensive to others. But, this film--this slow-paced movie about slurry-talkin' cowboys who spit tobacco sometimes before they kiss--is different. So unique and different, in fact, that during the movie I cried like a chick. Hard. God help me, I broke down during Brokeback Mountain.

Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal are remarkable in the film, and powerful in their subtle portrayal of friends-who-would-be-lovers. They struggle (along with the audience) with the awkwardness at first; slowly their feelings and behaviors evolve into a natural smoothness. Watching this evolution over a couple of hours made me connect in an almost familial way with the characters. I hurt when they hurt, laughed when they laughed and wanted to spit Redman (if only I had a pouch).

Run to the nearest theater and see it. Now! ****


Anonymous said...

Brokeback huh? Sounds like you broke something else! Like your introduction into the gay scene.Thanks for your Elton John version of two gay cowboys poking around in the mountain and how you cry about that but I suppose being a 40 year old with a blog explains everything. My 14 year old kid has a blog too-great! My only concern is that I took the time to accidently read your lame paragraph about spitting Redman. Luner Landing- where exactly is that?

The Film Geek said...

40 years old and writing a blog is about as strange as being old enough to have a 14 year old kid and still surf the blog scene reading the ramblings of a stranger.

Off Route 75 said...

Man, somebody tried to give it to you rough, didn't they? Too bad they were a coward and posted anonymously. Figures.