Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I recall seeing the trailer for this movie some months ago, and thinking it looked interesting. So, I was excited when NetFlix finally unthrottled me and mailed me the disc. I was not disappointed.

The film is really a look into the existential dilemma faced by a young up-and-coming professional (is the term 'yuppie' still used in the '00s?) and how that dilemma is overcome. The acting by that Bloom hunk and the perky and cute Kirsten Dunst is fine, but it is the dialogue, pace and subtleness created by Mr. Everything Cameron Crow that makes this film successful. The pace rarely changes, and there are a couple of 'what the...?' moments where reality seems to have been forgotten. But, watching Bloom's character evolve into better understanding his life's meaning was enjoyable.

Check it out on a rainy or snowy Saturday night. **1/2

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