Friday, March 31, 2006

Hollywood Visits The Holler

I lead a fairly boring life. When my telephone rings after 9pm on a Friday night, there are only a few possibilities as to why. Someone I know is sick, someone I know is drunk or someone has dialed the wrong number. Most of the time, someone I know is drunk.

So it was earlier tonight when a friend called to report she had just seen Matthew McConaughey walk into her usual nightspot on 4th Avenue. McConaughey is in town to begin filming We Are...Marshall, a movie based on the tragic airplane crash that claimed the lives of the university's football players and several of it's fans. The crash occurred in the 70s. The immediate effect it had on the Huntington community was devastating; how the community responded over time, however, is inspiring and should make for an interesting movie. The town is abuzz and starstruck. Apparently, hanging out at Hank's Piano Bar might get you a glimpse.

I caught A History of Violence last evening. It's a wonderful, dark film that explores if we humans truly have the ability to change our character. And if we can, is it possible to do so for a lifetime. The film is violent, but appropriately so. I highly recommend it. ****

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