Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Look At The Camera and Smile

Filming of We Are...Marshall began here this week, mostly on the campus of Marshall University. Swear to God, I have no idea how movies can ever get made. The weather sucks this week, and gawkers stand around cheering and applauding after each scene is completed. The fact that a movie gets finished, edited and released at all seems a minor miracle to me.

On a different note, my wife did mingle briefly with the cast and crew Saturday afternoon at a private reception. She thought director McG and actor David Strathairn were incredibly genuine and interesting people. She thought Matthew McConaughey was simply hot; so hot, in fact, that she seemed incapable of guaging his personality further.

...I'm a lucky man.


Cara said...

That's "obviously" how she ended up married to you.

Anonymous said...

Now lets be honest here!!!