Saturday, March 04, 2006

Oscar, 16 Blocks and a Seat In Between

Oscar finally arrives this weekend. While I hate the pomp and bling that happens on the over-extended red carpet, I do typically like the show itself. And Jon Stewart should be a fun host. I'm picking Philip Seymour Hoffman and Charlize Theron in the acting categories, and Brokeback Mountain as Best Picture. Ang Lee for Best Director...nothing short of brilliant.

I saw 16 Blocks with a friend last night. It was a so-so movie (rent it on DVD). More interesting, though, was watching all the men who attended this guy flick with their male buddies. Most --nearly all-- sat with one seat separating them. Why do we guys need to communicate so loudly to others in the theater that: "We're not a couple. I swear! See...a seat separates us. We are straight!"

It's just plain silly. Lucky for me, my friend Bobby not only sits beside me, he buys me concessions and opens doors for me as we enter and leave. Hmmm...


Anonymous said...

Maybe your friend Bobby is a "film geek" hag??? Hmmmm

Anonymous said...

you are nuts