Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Pass the NyQuil

Just woke up from my long Winter's Oscar nap...Did Dolly finish her song?

Most Over-Exposed Celeb O' The Evening Award: George Clooney.

The man is seriously talented and handsome-enough-to-make-me-stare, but c'mon...The Oscar buzz and chatter about Clooney made him out to be some West Coast Bruce Wayne.

Most Obvious Award O' The Evening Award: Ang Lee.

The guy is out-Spielberg-ing Spielberg. The man is brilliant. (And, he seems quite nice, too.)

Best What The Hell Award: Three 6 Mafia.


Best Chick I'd Never Stand A Chance With Award: Jessica Alba.

I'm painfully aware that if she and I were alone in a bar late at night she wouldn't start the conversation. So, stop telling me that!

Best Moment To Go Make Some Popcorn Award: Dolly Parton's live rendition of Travelin' Thru.

Heard it once before, when it was called Coat of Many Colors.

Overall, I thought the show was a "D." What about you?


Anonymous said...

Why would I watch an awards show about movies I wouldn't pay to see. The only exception is Walk the Line.

Anonymous said...
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Hoyt said...

I enjoyed the first hour of the show and Three Six Mafia, which merits a "B." Nothing particularly great about the second half, but we missed everything after eleven.