Thursday, May 25, 2006

I Hate To Say It, But...

...I told you so. Back on February 16, 2006 I said:

My American Idol Pick

Simon hates him, Randy has yet to call him "Dawg" and he doesn't make Paula hot, but Taylor Hicks is gonna kick some AI butt this season. The TV editing hasn't done this guy justice. Check out three of his songs from this site, listed below. (Scroll to the bottom where the songs are listed.) Listen to all three; they are original and soulful.

Aside from my unflattering and narcissistic need to remind folks I called it (more than three months ago), the re-post is so you can check out some of Taylor's songs from his independent CD release. The ones on the link are quite good. Check 'em out and let me know what you think.
Click on this to listen:


Off Route 75 said...

I was very happy to see him win. If McPhee would've won....I'd have known the fix was in.

I had to Tivo Lost, but that's was worth it.

ps-Lost made me mad.

The Film Geek said...

I watched Lost, mostly, although I did flip back and forth a lot. My wife likes to say the American Idol finale is kinda like watching the Brady Bunch kids as The Silver Platters...sort of cheesy, and sad. But, I thought this show was more entertaining than previous season-ending shows.

Hoyt said...

You called it! I watched the first ten minutes of the show, and forgot to PIP the last ten.

I'm still considering last night's episode of Lost. I think I enjoyed it.

Cara said...

I actually think I was the one who coined the "Brady Bunch" comparison back in 2002 (circa Justin Guarini days). I love all of Taylor's music, but I'm anxious to see what his debut CD does. I bet it wont be as popular as previous Idol winners. But regardless, you are genius (which is what you really wanted to hear).

Jana said...

I am so glad that McPhee girl didn't win! I didn't watch the show until last week, but it was enough time to hate her. I'm glad Taylor won, but there will always be a place in my heart for Elliott!

The Film Geek said...

Hoyt: I think I'll like Lost even more after several days of reflection.

Cara: Taylor's first CD will be average, because he is contracted to sing crap (it is clause IV.3 of the American Idol standard). But CD two and beyond, with Taylor behind a piano will rock.

Jana: I liked Elliott a bit, but he seemed to have so little personality...until last night's finale. He showed it quite a bit there.

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