Sunday, May 21, 2006

Please, Make It Stop: The Sequel

"She's a really hip and materialistic Mother Teresa," says Kathryn Lofton, a professor at Reed College in Portland, Ore., who has written two papers analyzing the religious aspects of Winfrey. "Oprah has emerged as a symbolic figurehead of spirituality."

While un-hip and impoverished Mother Teresa was helping the ill and disenfranchised, Oprah was paraphrasing the comments of her guest experts, and claiming their (sometimes) profound advice as her own.

Cool or not, I'll take Mother Teresa's spiritual guidance over Winfrey's soundbites any day.


Cara said...

Oprah also helps the ill and disenfranchised. And today she helped Nate with his dogs by getting the Dog Whisperer to coach him! Now he is an official Pack Leader! I love Oprah. And The Dog Whisperer.

Hoyt said...

Oprah, symbolic figurehead of spirituality, Uma. Uma, Oprah, symbolic figurehead of spirituality.

Doesn't quite have the same feel, does it?

Anonymous said...

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