Tuesday, June 13, 2006

But I Don't Have TiVo

I really dislike Jay Leno. In fact,I dislike him so much that I have never--not once--seen an episode of The Tonight Show since he became The Man. But, I'm gonna make an exception Wednesday night, when his guests are George Carlin and Anne Coulter.

The sad truth is that both of these folks have become caricatures in recent years, and lost most of whatever relevance each may have had at one time. But, I'm hoping for some fireworks...And as I am way closer to Carlin's political perspective than Coulter's, I hope Carlin draws first--and last--blood. I'm also hoping Leno stays out of the way.

Maybe Dave will understand my absence.


Kelly said...

Are you still writing Dave letters?

The Film Geek said...

Gosh...me? Write letters to a major star who wouldn't even know I exist? Why, ...that would be a bit obsessive and somewhat deranged, now, wouldn't it?

Yeah, once in a while I still do.

Jackie Lantern said...

I'm not bragging but Bruce Campbell answered one of my e-mails a few years ago.

Also...Go Ann!!!

Kelly said...

Ann will kick his ass!

Hoyt said...

I think it's time to use the record function on my media center tonight!

The Film Geek said...

"I'm not bragging but..."

Yes you are!

I thought Bruce Campbell was one of the highlights of Sky High, where he played Coach Boomer.