Wednesday, June 14, 2006

End Game

I sincerely hope Cuba Gooding, Jr. saved the cash he made from Jerry McGuire.

End Game sounds interesting: Gooding plays a Secret Service agent who fails to save The President from being assassinated, despite his heroic efforts. CIA and Secret Service high-ups may figure into a conspiracy, and military personnel are lurking in the periphery. In addition to Gooding, James Woods, Ann Archer and Burt Reynolds star. (As an added extra, West Virginia native David Selby plays a small role early on as a homeless informant named "Shakey.")

God, this film was awful. So awful, in fact, it deserves a significant position on this list.

While the plot has potential, the movie lacks energy, follows no real logic and suffers from Gooding's inability to..well, act. Face it: "Show me the money!" was cute and funny for about 20 minutes, but it ain't a career. This guy has no real chops, and should be relegated to an asterisk on the History of Oscar trivia game.


Off Route 75 said...

If you want to talk about new "bad movies," go rent "The River King," "Sound of Thunder," or "Suspect Zero."

Two of those I fell asleep during. Ed Burns is in the first two of that may be the reason.

However, Ben Kingsley was in "Suspect Zero." That's why I expected more from that movie.

We burned "End Game." Thanks for telling me about I won't have to waste time watching it.

jedi jawa said...

By "burned" I assume that you mean that you lit it aflame. Surely you wouldn't be talking about less-than-legal activities... (jk) Ha!

I would have to agree on the verdict on Cuba Gooding, Jr. With the exception of "Rat Race" (the remake of the classic "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World") I can't think of a role where I've enjoyed Gooding's performance. No wait, he did play that heroic guy on the U.S.S. W.Va. in "Pearl Harbor", for about 5 minutes, but that wasn't the greatest movie even though it did have Jen. Garner in it.

Off Route 75 said...

er...yes....I mean I set it on fire...yes! That's what I meant!