Sunday, June 04, 2006

Conversation Between Two Old People Out On The Town

The scene: Two not-quite-yet-middle-agers stand side by side in front of a row of movie publicity posters, trying to decide what movie they will see. They look somewhat confused, as if they are unfamiliar with many of the offerings.

The guy: " So...What do you want to see?"

The gal: "Well, I'd really like to see The Da Vinci Code. What about you?"

The guy: "Well...I was hoping to see X-Men soon. You liked the first two, didn't you?"

The gal: "Yeah, but that is a rental for me. I think I'd like to see The Da Vinci Code. You talk about it all the time, and you read the book. I figured you'd want to see it."

The guy: "I do, I do...I just kinda hoped to see the X-Men...But I'll see it next week, maybe."

The gal: "How are you getting out of the house without me and the kids next week?"

The guy: "..."

The scene: Both walk quietly and slowly into the lobby, where they pay $17.50 for concessions.


Hoyt said...

Hilarious! (At least you got out of the house this week....)

Cara said...

You didn't tell me you saw Jimmie at the movies! How cute.

Anonymous said...

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