Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Please, Make It Stop: Part 5

Dear Oprah:

A moment ago I poured my second cup of coffee and sat down to read the online news. I skipped over most of the stories regarding the Middle East and national politics, sadly. These days I'm a bit tired of the difficulties we humans create for ourselves, and the tragedies that occur due to differences of opinion, culture, religion or economics. Frankly Oprah, all those headlines began to blend together for me a couple of years ago, when I realized I'd had enough. So, I dropped out. Most days, I head straight for the Life section of the USA Today. It's easier. Simpler. And except for a few nutty celebs, a whole lot less frustrating.

Which brings me to this letter, and my point.

One of the headlines that caught my attention this morning centered on you denying that you are gay. Seems your 30-year friendship with Gayle King has been questioned by some as being more than platonic. Although I had never questioned your sexuality, lots of folks apparently have, causing you to believe it necessary to explain otherwise.

Trust me, O. It isn't.

I won't watch your show any more or less because of your announcement. I won't have more compassion for you, nor will I sign up for your book reading club. Your comments also won't make me seek out your friend Gayle in whatever-gig-she-is-doing-now, or hope against hope that she lands the vacant spot on The View. I simply don't care to whom you may or may not be attracted.

And I wish more people cared less, too.

Power and huge amounts of cash often lead folks to feelings of superiority. And when people feel superior, they con themselves into thinking that the tiniest aspect of their lives has significant meaning to the masses. That perspective is a dangerous one to buy into, Oprah, because it has an obvious superficial appearance. When one begins to believe their own press, expects others to heed maxims and cliches designed to sound like advice and speaks out against the rumor that she is gay (but not about press that suggested she is the nation's spiritual leader), there is something wrong with one's perspective. It needs adjusted. Reminded of really important qualities of life, like humility. And the personal dignity that comes from doing good quietly, without cameras and photo ops.

Anyway, Oprah, friendships like that you seem to share with Gayle are rare. I wish more of us had those types of lifelong relationships. Enjoy it. Just remember, though, that simply because it is important to you does not mean the rest of our society gives a damn.


The Film Geek


jedi jawa said...

Maybe Ophrah's new job will be queen of damage control. She had that whole flap on the "Little Pieces" book that her minions had rushed out to buy only to find out that it was largely made up. Now she has to explain her sexuality? What's next, will she have to disprove that she isn't some alien being sent from the galaxy Gamulon to soften us up for the coming invasion?

BTW, I know what you mean about avoiding news. I used to enjoy listening to NPR during drive time but I've been so discouraged with what is being reported for the last 6 years or so that I've given much of that up.

primalscreamx said...

They are totally 'doing it'. (snicker)

The Film Geek said...

I hope so. She needs some action, I think.