Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Gene Hackman, one of my favorite actors, says often in interviews that he has taken acting jobs simply for the payday. He doesn't make excuses for it; he's gotta pay the bills, and acting is his vocation, after all.

I pray--I hope to God--that this is the reason Robin Williams starred in RV.

In what I think is his most mainstream role ever, Williams is father and husband to a family that is self-centered, sarcastic and, unfortunately, stereotypical and predictable. Williams rents a recreational vehicle, and takes his family on the road. He wants to please everyone, mend strained relationships and get some work completed for his self-centered, sarcastic, stereotypical and predictable boss-- all at the same time.

Let the hijinks begin!

Unfortunately, they never do.

I liked only two things about RV. First, Jeff Daniels is, as always, terrific in his supporting role as an RV lifer who really loves the lifestyle. And secondly, RV reminded me of how much I enjoyed Lost In America, an Albert Brooks RV-themed flick that stands heads and shoulders above this movie.

Now that I think of it, I recommend you skip RV and rent Lost In America instead.


Kelly said...

Oh come on. I liked RV. I watched it with my kids and they liked it. I guess I don't look too seriously at movies, just entertainment value. I recommend seeing it...I bought it!

The Film Geek said...

I'm sorry, Kelly. What did you say? I just woke up from my RV INDUCED TRANCE!!!!!

LOL...to each his/her own, eh?

jedi jawa said...

I suppose that you're right Film Geek. I was thinking that this film was in that special class of films where you see all that you need to know from the preview to know that it will be painful to actually sit through, I mean films like "White Chicks", "Little Man", and "Scooby Doo" (both of them). Not my thing...but then again I do like the slapstick antics of Monty Python and Leslie Neilson when many think they are awful. To each his own!

Kelly said...

Film Geek...bite me!