Thursday, September 14, 2006


Arsenio Hall used to do a segment on his show called something like: "Things That Make You Go 'Hmmm?."

At least that's what I've heard; I was more a fan of the other late night guys. Arsenio was too hip for me, I suppose, with that whole sittin'-on-a-sofa-and-not-behind-a-desk thing he did.

But there is a whole lotta entertainment news that is making me go "Hmmm?" today, including:

Crack Is Wack: C'mon...When they wed back in '92, didn't you just know that Whitney was making a huge mistake. I mean, Bobby was a bad boy, and we couldn't figure out why the pop diva with the golden voice was interested in the guy from The New Edition, who had legal problems involving drugs and infidelity.

Now, the couple is seperating.

Well, I caught the Diane Sawyer interview back in 2002, and I watched Being Bobby Brown, so I have only one thing to say: "It's about damn time, Bobby! Don't walk, run. And count your blessings you got out with all your limbs intact."

Coincidence? I Think Not: Tom Arnold leaves Shelby Roos, his wife of four years, at the same time Heather Locklear is splitting from her short-term beau, David Spade? Surely you see the connection. ...Don't ya?

Nah, It Couldn't Have Been That: Ben Affleck is in today's USA Today whining about being himself !
"Modern typecasting isn't about, 'I think of you as the captain from Star Trek, therefore I can't watch you in X-Men,' Now it's, 'I think of you as yourself, therefore I can't watch you in a fictional story.' "


Ben, listen...Next time you are in Taylor Books, let's have a chat about poor career choices, the effects that over-exposing your personal life can have on public perception, and about what the hell you were thinking during that whole "Bennifer" period. I'll buy.


jedi jawa said...

All else aside, you have to admit that Ben sure married a hottie!

The Film Geek said...

He did, for sure. Wonder how many times he's done her while wearing that Daredevil suit?

The Film Geek said...

There's some typecastin' for ya!!

primalscreamx said...

It would probably help if he played a character that wasn't Ben Affleck for once. I dunno. I have less use for the guy all the time. I was sort of looking forward to Hollywoodland and now? Eh... not so much.

eclectic guy said...

Hello Film Geek,

Eclectic Guy here with an idea inspired by your Five Films That Changed Your Life blog.

How about: Ten Albums That Changed Your Life? Have spoken to primalscream and he thinks it's an idea worth doing. Between your, his and my readers, if we put this challenge to them, we should have some very interesting results, yes?
What is your thought?

The Film Geek said...

Hey Eclectic Guy: I think that's a great idea! I got a couple off the top of me head that I know would be on the list. Let's do it!

You wanna start, and I'll pick up on it?

Hey, I also want to mention that I enjoyed looking over your site. (Particularly the local wrestling post. I'm a long-time fan of kayfabe.) You got a new reader here.

eclectic guy said...

Man, thanks!

I'll kick it off.

I've been working on this one and it's tough, but I know there are some music fans out there and the response should be telling.

I read yours as well. Huge film fan meself.