Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Jackie Lantern (if that is his real name!) mentioned Brick on his blog, Saved By The Torso, not long ago. I like Jackie and trust his judgment about flicks. Tomatoes? Not so much.

But that's a different story.

So, on Jackie's advice I qued up Brick. And he was right...It is bad-ass.

Brendan Fry is a high school student who has to work his way through the typical cliques of his school in order to find out who murdered the girl he has a crush on. That plot alone is a fine movie all by itself, sure. But that isn't the half of it. Although it took me a little while to pick up on the pattern of the dialogue, I realized before too long that Brick is a 1940s private eye flick set in a modern day high school.

It's Humphrey Bogart at 17. The Maltese Falcon meets Saved By The Bell.

(OK. I took that one too far. And I apologize.)


The dialogue is right out of the 40s, see. And it sets the tone for the whole movie. Capiche? Scenes begin with doors opening, or ceiling fans being shown up close, just like old black and white flicks. And the fists fly hard, and tough.

Oh, and the kid from Witness is back, all grown up. In a big way.

I really liked Brick, Jackie. Thanks for the tip. Now, how 'bout another slice of that 'mater?


Jackie Lantern said...

What did you take me for, a rubber sock? I'm square when it comes to movies Film Geek, so when I recommend you get your hooks on something it aint no trip for biscuits, baby.

Ahem, yeah it's badass :)

The Film Geek said...

"It ain't no trip for biscuits, baby."

You sweet talker, you! You have no idea how many times my wife uses that same line...


By the way, you do the 40s-speak so much better than I do.

Jackie Lantern said...

Trust me, it's a curse.