Tuesday, September 19, 2006


A friend said, recently: "I admire your ability to watch anything."

And, it's true, mostly. (Except Basic Instinct 2 which, if I recall correctly, I refused to finish.) I'm not opposed to watching almost anything, because I typically come away from a movie with something of value. An inspiration, or a new idea, perhaps. Something about a movie or it's characters that I can apply to--or compare with--my life.

(Except for most Sharon Stone movies. Especially
Basic Instinct 2, if I haven't already mentioned that.)

This rule applied a couple of days ago, when I watched

Quick review: Kurt Russell, Josh Lucas, an under-used Richard Dreyfuss and a gaggle of attractive people find themselves stranded on a disabled cruise ship that has been turned upside down by a tsunami. Desperate to get to the top of the ship before it sinks completely, those in the group fight rising water, nearly-impossible odds and each other in their efforts to survive.

And not all do. Which, to me, is the most interesting part of this remake.

A couple of passengers find themselves in a dilemma where they must choose whether or not to sacrifice their own lives for the safety of others. It happens at least twice in the film, and both times I was struck at the difficulty I think I would have with those decisions, should I be placed in those real-life circumstances. I'm not sure I could be the hero. I hope I could, but I worry I would be too selfish, and take care of myself first.

And if I did: Could I continue living my life happily, knowing I sacrificed another in order to live myself?

So, I'm curious about how you would react, faced with overwhelming odds and knowing that you-- or the stranger beside you-- will die with your next action. To paraphrase my boy Keanu: "What would you do...What would you do?"


Kelly said...

My kids, yes, anyone else, probably not.

Man, I loved Keanu in Speed!

jedi jawa said...

I think that Keanu gets a bad rap and that he's a better actor than people usually give him credit for. Now Dennis Hopper ... he just sucks! I think the only role I ever liked him in was "Hoosiers".

I didn't see "Poseidon" but I didn't hear good things about it.

Ian C. said...

If I kicked a guy off my leg, sending him to his death down an elevator shaft, I'd like to think I'd have a hard time living with myself.

Unless I had Jacinda Barrett to console me after the fact. Maybe she could help me deal with my pain. :)

Speaking of Jacinda, is it just me or is she in every other movie coming out right now?