Tuesday, September 19, 2006

How Did I Miss This?

Am I the only fan who didn't follow these online happenings during the summer?

I suppose I was Lost.


jedi jawa said...

Arrr! Well ye obviously weren't catching yerself up on the happenings of "Battlestar Galactica" me hearty! I should make ye walk the plank fer that transgression cause it be the best show currently on television. Arrr!

The Film Geek said...


How tRRRue, matey. I've been waaarrrrrning me lass 'bout keepin' me too busy to ... oh, hell. I can't talk cool like a pirate. I suck.

You, on the other hand (or, hook) are quite the dashing swashbuckler.

jedi jawa said...

If ye be saying that I looks all namby pamby like that Johnny Depp fella I'm gonna have ta run ya through! Oh wait, that be soundin' a bit ambiguous. I'd have to flay you open with me saber ... damn ... that sounded narry a bit better! I guess I'd have to toss ye to the deep to live in Davey Jones' locker I would. Arrr!

Not that there be anything wrong with a pirate dressin' a little extra fancy for a special occassion. I just be saying ... oh nevermind ... arrr!

BTW, I just got me back from taking a deposition where I had to curtail the pirate talkin' for fear that I'd be asking about where he be hiding his booty! Arrr! :-)