Sunday, October 08, 2006

Excuse Me, But You Were Saying Something About Change?

When I first started reading blogs--especially those written by fellow West Virginians (which are my favorites)-- the one that caught my attention early was The Spinster Girl's Guide To Love. I thought Spinster Girl was humorous, insightful and irreverent --all qualities I find interesting. Sometime in late July, Spinster Girl wrote about needing to make a change in her life. She hasn't written on that specific blog site since. I still check her site often to see if it's updated. As of today, it hasn't been.

I hope she found the change she was craving.

Change doesn't happen easily for me. It's uncomfortable, and causes me stress. I like the same clothes, the same haircut and the same routines. More than the average guy, I suppose. It's a good way to keep one's life less complicated. At least that is always my defense.

But some change can't be avoided. This week, for example, I changed jobs. I've moved from a terrific job with a wonderful group of co-workers to one that has been a dream job of mine for years. It's bittersweet. I miss not seeing my co-workers everyday, but I haven't felt this creative and energized in months.

This change is gonna be good. But, it's also scary.

Yesterday I finally made it to the place at my new gig where they make ID cards for employees. I filled out the form, sat down and practiced smiling while they arranged everything for the picture. Then:

Her: "Are you sure you want to do this today?"

Me: "Yeah. I need to, so I can get my parking pass."

Her: "Ok...[With a "Well, it's up to you..." inflection and verbal fade-out.]


A couple minutes passed, and she handed me my bright, shiny new employee ID. I picked it up, took a look and realized my hair made me look, well...Just awful.

Kinda like this guy. In fact, a lot like that.

Except worse. At least this guy's pretty hip, and has a cult following. Me? Not so much of either.

I was embarrassed.

Added to the stress of the job transition, leaving co-workers for whom I care a great deal and learning the bureaucracy of a new job, this embarrassment sent me over the edge.

I took the ID card, mumbled a "Thanks..." to the woman who noticed my hair sucked and walked outside.

Sitting on a bench for awhile, I kept thinking of that damned post Spinster Girl wrote, titled: "
A Little Change..."

It started with: "Change is inevitable and it's scary' and concluded with: "So, yeah, I'm looking for a change. A bigger one, anyway, and, maybe, in truth, I'm just too lazy to make one."

That sure sounded familiar. Too lazy to make a change, huh? A challenge.

So, I did.

By the way, if anyone talks to Spinster Girl, tell her I said thanks, and to come back soon.


Donutbuzz said...

Wow! I don't know what else to say except awesome post.

2-hot-4-you said...

Oh HOLY SHIT!!! You actually cut your hair???? I can't believe it!!!!

The Film Geek said...

Hoyt: Thanks, man. From you, that's a high compliment.

2-Hot: Yep. And it's really, really short. A clensing, sort of. I needed it.

Kelly said...

Yeah, you cut your hair! I think you look better with short hair! I can't wait to see it.

The Film Geek said...

Gosh [blushes]

rebecca said...

Change is good, sometimes. Alright... picture time!

2-hot-4-you said...

Yeah, geek I'm dying to see a picture. I've never seen you with really short hair before. It's always been somewhat long...can't really picture it short. Come on post a pic!

Anonymous said...

When did you do that, Friday afternoon? When I saw ya it was really (I mean REALLY) long.


I mean, it was really long. Another inch or so and Mrs. Film Geek would've had hair shorter than yours.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I changed jobs a while back. I'm pretty sure I'll live longer because of it.

I shaved my head several years back. Now that would make a funny post.

Anonymous said...

I'd be afraid to shave my head, because I know Karma would dictate none of the hair would grow back!

The Film Geek said...

Man, I have no pictures of me...gotta put that on my To Do list.

75 and Joshua: Not shaved, but way closer to that than it was Saturday morning.

Stitching Barbie Girl said...

Kick ass post! The hair picture made me a little sad though!

The Film Geek said...

Thanks! Me too.

Stitching Barbie Girl said...

Your haircut is hot.

eclectic guy said...

The ship that never sailed.

That's a phrase that has always both haunted and inspired me to keep accepting change.

Except when it comes to my old clogs. I can't get rid of them. They are so comfy. Can't wear them when it rains though: broken through completely. I can relate to your post Film Geek.
I hoard clothes too. Tough to get rid of old friends the way i see it.

Touching that the blogs mean so much to you.

Hoyt said...

I dig your haircut.

The Film Geek said...

Hoyt and Barbie: Thanks!

Eclectic Guy: They do, stranges as that seems.