Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hot Potato, Hot Potato

" Extra. Extra. Yellow Wiggle to Quit! Read all about it!"

No hint of Yoko in this break-up, but it probably carries the same importance in my household.

You don't give The Wiggles any love? How about this tidbit, from today's story in USA Today: "The Wiggles were Australia's top-earning entertainers last year, ahead of No. 2 AC/DC and No. 3 Nicole Kidman."

C'mon...Really?!? I mean, I've never heard of this "Nicole Kidman" before, but they get paid better than AC/DC?

I'm thunderstruck.


Chris James said...

I wish the red Wiggle would quit instead. He creeps me out something fierce.

(note: I have a seven month old and he loves them)

JDB said...

Ah, just goes to call into question the tastes of the Australian public. They do consume vegemite, for example!

He says while listening to Bruce Beresford's commentary for Breaker Morant

Phillip Wilcher said...

Dear Chris James and jdb : I love vegemite! You can even have it as a hot drink - a couple of teaspoons of it in boiling water - it's healthy and a pleasant change from tea or coffee! I have a jar of it here now and the label reads : "Help your family stay bright and alert with a daily intake of essential B vitamins found in vegemite....." It's a yeast extract. Perhaps it's just the colour that makes Americans cringe a little?? But then what other colour could it be? Perhaps blue - although that's a colour that doesn't me cringe so much as feel uncomfortable.....perhaps it should be the same or a similar colour to peanut butter!?

So what would be your favourite Australian Film?

Best wishes