Sunday, April 08, 2007

If Only It Stayed So Simple

We're not so prayerful at The Film Geek's house. More specifically, we're not so into the out-loud kind of prayer one hears more commonly during religious holidays. So, I was a bit surprised when my soon-to-be four-year-old insisted he say grace at the in-law's Easter Day Dinner.

They take the pre-meal prayer of thanks pretty seriously, so I wasn't sure if that was such a good idea.

Me: "Should we let him?"

Mrs. Film Geek: "I guess so. He seems really excited about it. Go ahead, son."

Jaden: "Dear Easter Bunny, thank you for the food that you brought to our family this year. Amen."

Amen, indeed.


Rebecca said...

My 2 year old loves saying grace, but her timing is all off. She'll stop us all in the middle of a meal and request that we put our hands together. We usually comply and she recites:

God is geat, God is good
We fank him for da food
His hand, we are are fed
Give us Word our daywe bed.

Hey man.

The "hey man" kills me every time.

JDB said...

Maybe Jaden is ready to become part of the Hare Club for Men? He knows about the rabbits! :-p

Jelly-Filled said...

Thanks for the great story, Film Geek!

primalscreamx said...

It's like my house every day. The Bunny is my shepherd, I shall not want...