Tuesday, October 16, 2007


"Hey, Daddy. Did you know you're listed on something called Rate My Professor?"

Ah, my eldest had discovered the joys of Google.

"Sorry, what did you say?" I heard her the first time, but I needed to hear it again. This was my chance to let her know I'm more than just a semi-hippie, comic book readin', movie lovin' guy who keeps two blogs in between trips to gymnastic practice and cheer-leading competitions.

This was my chance to shine, baby! My time to make sure the kid understood a portion of what her old man did for a living.

"It's a place called Rate My Professor, and you're listed on it. It names all these different college professors, and your name is there with comments by students from your classes."

"Really." And I say it with extra surprise, just for effect. "What's it say about me?"

"Well, mostly that you talk a lot, and let students out of class early. It also says something about you being only 'somewhat' hot."

Where'd I put that latest issue of The Justice League?


Rebecca Burch said...

Ah. How fun. I recently found out that I'm on "rate my teacher" and actually have decent ratings. I'm really glad there isn't a "hot" rating, though.


All Click said...

Did you manage to convince her that you were more than a "semi-hippie, comic book readin' movie lovin'" blogger?

I didn't think so :-p

The Film Geek said...

That was kinda the point, just letting it drop there when I realized that no, I had not.

Chris James said...


I taught one class as a GA and didn't make the site. I was soooooo bummed about it.

All Click said...

*Adds Chris James to the site*