Monday, October 15, 2007

The Jacknut Did What?

The problem with having a couple of blogs is sometimes knowing on which blog to put the damn information! For example, a story recently sent to me from my friend, Cara, from the Daily-Mail.

Is it a tale of jacknuttery? Or, is the guy just a goofy film geek?

You decide.

"Man takes 4 children for spin in boat pulled by lawnmower"

Beckley police would have no problem with a man taking his grandchildren to a drive-in - if he weren't driving a lawnmower with a motorboat hooked to it and four young children inside the boat.

Just before 4 p.m. Saturday, police were called because a 61-year-old man was driving a lawnmower on North Vance Drive that had a 15-foot motorboat attached, Patrolman Jamie Blume said. Four children, all about 4 years old, were riding inside the boat.

The man and the children were found at King Tut Drive-In on North Eisenhower Drive, Blume said. He told officers he only wanted to take his grandchildren "out for a spin" and to treat them to food at King Tut. The man had driven from his nearby residence.

The man was not cited, Blume said, and he was not believed to have willfully put his grandchildren in danger. However, he was given a verbal warning because the children were riding unsecured and near an area known for heavy traffic. He was also driving an unregistered, uninspected vehicle on city streets.

UPDATE: After cross-referencing the King Tut Drive-In with the WV Hot Dog Blog, I now understand the place is an eaterie, and not a movie drive-in. My bad.

So, the answer is: he's a jacknut!


primalscreamx said...

Pretty standard for Beckley. I worked as a dj across the street from the police station years ago. I got a call from someone telling me there was a black bear wandering the streets of the town. Why are you calling me, I asked. Why not the police?
She'd actually already tried that. The official response was, "And what should we do about that?"
Beckley is a weird place.

The Film Geek said...

That's a terrific story. And, rather sad at the same time...

JDB said...

I think pulling a boat full of kids down a public street with a riding lawn mower is pretty close to the definition of jacknuttery, isn't it?

All Click said...

great story (knowing that everyone was safe :-) ) On another point though, where ARE all the movie drive-ins? I've never been to one :-(

The Film Geek said...

JDB: True.

All Click: Check out my "Outdoor Movie Viewing" on my blog side bar.